Spotify and Smirnoff team up to promote gender equality in the music industry

Celebrating International Women's Day

Smirnoff has taken their global ‘Equalizing Music’ campaign up a notch with a new collaboration with Spotify that aims to promote equality for women in music.

In response to statistics that revealed 100 percent of the top streamed Spotify tracks in 2017 were performed by male artists, Smirnoff have partnered with the music streaming giants to launch an application programming interface called Smirnoff Equalizer.


The Equalizer gives you a breakdown of the gender diversity of your listening habits, analysing the percentage of male artists you’ve listened to during the past six months in comparison to female artists. This data then generates a personal playlist that’s more balanced in terms of gender representation.


“We developed the Smirnoff Equalizer in partnership with Spotify because we believe that when we get to discover talented women artists and their phenomenal music, we’ll all have a better listening experience,” said Neil Shah, SMIRNOFF Global Senior Brand Manager. “The Smirnoff Equalizer not only drives awareness, but also allows Spotify users to take direct action by increasing the number of tracks from women artists in their playlists.”


Find out more about your listening habits with your own personal Smirnoff Equalizer analysis.


(Feature Image: MultiVu / Smirnoff / Spotify)