It’s No Normal Set of Sounds

It was only a few years ago that the enigmatic and visionary Imogen Heap was throwing her hands around to create motion-sensored, computer-based digital music with ‘the Gloves’. Now Soniccouture has employed her weird and wonderful musical mind to create the Box Of Tricks soundware. And it’s out of this world.


Three years in the making, Box Of Tricks features 13 Kontakt instruments, and is compatible with both the Kontakt 5.5 or later and the Kontakt Player, available for free download. It comes with 170 presets and custom tools and FX, with a 30GB core sample library.


What we can’t go past though are the performance modules. Euclidean Beats anyone? Making complex beats based on Euclidean mathematics has never been so easy. Other modules include Harmoniser, Jammer, Strum, FOCUS, and Pressure/Drift.


The eclectic and undoubtedly unique group of instruments recorded by Imogen include everything from her renowned 5-octave Array Mbira, to a Shutri Box, Tongue Drum and even Whirly Tubes. It’s fair to say you will be coming up with mind-altering arrangements with this arsenal of instruments at hand.


It also boasts a freely configurable filter module, as well as a freely configurable FX chain with 17 different insert effects available. The soundware has been developed with complete flexibility and malleability in mind, and reflects Imogen’s meticulous approach to creating sound. It even features convolution reverbs sampled from Imogen’s house, so you can slap on some reverb from her dry Hideaway Studio, or the darker Runaround Tunnel.  


From Kontakt users we may just find an influx of compositions featuring Boomwhackers, Vibraphone, Glockespiel and Waterphone start to pop up. It all makes guitar bass and drums sound a little dull. 






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