Someone has designed slightly wrong metal merchandise to mess with music elitists

Perfect For Fans of Rage About a Machine

Is there anything worse than wearing band merch only to be asked to name every recording said band has ever made to prove your dedication? Probably, but it’s just annoying enough that a designer has found a way to turn the age old ritual on its head.

As Metal Hammer reports, a selection of t-shirts up for sale online has caught the attention of metalheads everywhere with their slightly incorrect spelling and musical references. Notable inclusions are ‘Corn’, Rage About the Machine (“I won’t do what you ask me”), and a stroke of genius that pairs Radiohead and Motörhead together to really test your patience.


They've even thrown in a nod to hip-hop fans with N.W.A's controversial classic, Straight Out Of Compton.


There are even a bunch of incorrect movie references to choose from for the film elitists of the world, including the classic line from The Godfather, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t say no to,” and the famous Ghostbusters cry of “Who are you going to telephone?”


The designer even offers a slice of quality advice: “Pro tip: Insist the quote is 100% accurate.”


Christmas presents = sorted.


Check out the rest of the designs here.