Simona Casticum Unveils New Album


Following up her 2014 release Exotic Ladies, #TriggerWarning40 is the third offering from Simona Castricum.

With eight new tracks, this record takes us through Castricum’s club/rave sounds and comedown moods. Guitars are replaced by some of the best chords the gods of acid techno can offer. Entirely self-produced, #TriggerWarning40 features the 2015 singles ‘No Allegiance’ and ‘Ennis House Pool’.


Listen to track ‘No Allegiance’ below.


#TriggerWarning40 is out now through LISTEN Records available for pre-order on 12” vinyl and digitally from BandCamp, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and all good music streaming platforms. For more details, visit


Tour Dates

March 5 - RACK OFF! Festival 2016, The Tote VIC
March 12-14 - Gaytimes, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort VIC
March 23 - Pillow Pro Residency, The Tote VIC
April 3 - Transgenre, Howler VIC