Show & Tell: Oliver Malcolm

A Strat With An Incredible Story

Show & Tell is where we get artists to tell us about a piece of gear that they cherish and use as a part of their live or studio setup. Today, we're featuring Oliver Malcolm, the British upstart who's recently signed to Darkroom Records, to find out how he got his hands on a guitar previously owned by one of the best guitarists of all time, and how it gets used in his music.

What piece of equipment do you have to show us today?

My Salmon Pink Fender Stratocaster, which is a Japanese model from 1996. I’ve been playing it since I was a child, probably 15.


How did you come across this particular item?

This is actually a really cool story: it turns out this one used to belong to Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. My dad just randomly brought it home one day from an auction. He figured a guitar would help since I was getting into music & producing. Him bringing it home is what got me proper into playing guitar.



What is it that you like about it so much?

As soon as I got it I took it to have it tuned up a bit and gave it a bit of a makeover, and it’s had a really nice tone ever since. The pink is just beautiful. It’s my favorite guitar to play and usually the only one I use. It fits me perfectly, fits my personality perfectly. It’s bright, it's a little bit out there… but it’s still slick & it sounds good. It’s got that raw gritty tone that a good Stratocaster should have.


How do you use it and how has it shaped the way you write music?

I use guitar when I need something rhythmic and melodic to fill up space. So I use it alot in post production, latter stages of the creation of a song. I also use it to start ideas. I almost always start songs with drums and the guitar usually follows. The guitar solo needs a comeback, it’s been too long. Imma do it.


Tell us a bit about what you have coming up?

My EP is dropping in a few months. This is the guitar I used for nearly every song. Be on the lookout peeps!



Stream Oliver Malcom's new single 'Kevin' today.