The V7 X Dynamic & An Updated SE2200 Condenser

sE Electronics have revealed two microphones during their time at the AES 2017 Expo in New York - an updated version of their sE2200 condenser mike, and the new V7 X dynamic mike.

The sE2200 is an updated version of the company's classic sE2200a and sE2200aa II C designs - their first condenser microphones from 2002. The sE2200 features the original's hand-crafted capsule, circuitry, custom transformer, sound and character, but now offers clearer recordings with lower noise. Additional updates include new pad and filtering options for more recording options, and a higher quality fit and finish.



In contrast, the V7 X is an instrumental mic - differing from the vocal sE V7 - with a specialised capsule featuring an aluminium voice coil and a new acoustic design. sE's engineers have lowered the resonance and delivered an extended frequency response, aiming for quality sound on snares, toms, guitars (acoustic & electric), brass instruments and other sources.

sE Electronics are distributed in Australia through Sound & Music.