Sabian and A&F Drum Co. team up on new ANKH cymbal collaboration

The First Collaboration Of Its Kind

Sabian and A&F Drum Co. have announced the launch of their new ANKH line of cymbals in what promises to be the first collaboration between two separate drum and cymbal companies.

The ANKH series sees Sabian and A&F Drum Co. teaming up to envision four seperate brass 14" and 16" hi-hats, each offered as thin or medium weights and also available to purchase as single cymbals. The companies are also releasing an additional pair of 16" bronze hi-hats as a matched pair.


With the design process for the brass hi-hats being overseen by A&F's Ramy Antoun and Sabian's Mark Love, all aspects of the creative process were undertaken at Sabian's factory in Canada, including tempering, forming and hammering for the best results possible. Similarly, the ANKH bronze hats are also cast from Sabian's B20 bronze formula for impeccable sonic response and durability. 




Given the speccy nature of this collaboration, it's worth noting that Sabian and A&F are only producing an extremely limited number of these ANKH cymbals, with a planned production run of just 75 pairs for each month. Better get in quick!


Head to A&F Drum Co. to find out more about this collaboration.