Royal Australian Mint to celebrate AC/DC’s 45th anniversary with tribute coins

Done Dirt Cheap

The Royal Australian Mint has announced plans to release limited edition 50 cent coins in honour of AC/DC’s 45th anniversary, some of which have reportedly been struck with 3,500,000 volts of artificial lightning.

The collection sees AC/DC logos and album art taking centre stage on the face of each 50 cent piece. Ten lucky fans will find themselves with a Thunderstruck coin, which apparently bears a mark from the lightning only visible under magnification.



“The Mint thought that such an iconic band deserved high voltage coins and an electrifying launch to match,” said Royal Australian Mint CEO Ross MacDiarmid.


Also available is a unique $5 coin shaped like a guitar pick, limited to just 10,000 units.


Order a limited edition AC/DC coin over on the Royal Australian Mint's website.