Elevating The Industry Standard Stage Piano To New Levels

Roland's new RD-2000 is designed to provide advanced modern control options with state of the art stage piano feel.

Delivering unmatched performance onstage and in the studio, the RD-2000 blends evolved technologies with extensive modern controls to take creativity and inspiration to the next level. Via the SuperNATURAL- based sound engine, sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s are packed into the RD-2000, which also includes a recreation of the RD-1000 (the very first RD stage piano).


Driven by Roland’s Milestone SA technology, vintage effects are also on hand in the RD-2000 through the effects bank, including the Boss CE-1 Chorus and the Roland SDD-320 Dimension D. With eight assignable zones that allow you to map different key ranges or create combination sounds with up to eight layers, this next generation keyboard gives an additional 1,100 sounds including organs, modern and vintage synths, clavinet, orchestral strings and many more.


With main stereo outs including XLR and 1/4 Jacks, the Roland RD-2000 is ready for the stage or studio. 



The Roland RD-2000 is available now, for more information head to