Roland brings a classic instrument to the digital age with Aerophone GO

A Futuristic Game-Changing Digi-Sax

Have you ever wanted to learn a woodwind instrument, but can't afford to irritate your neighbours with the horrible screeching while you attempt to conquer the basics? Roland may well have found a solution to your problem.

This brand new synth-sax, developed by digital instrument veterans Roland, is one very tidy, simple-to-operate package that will allow you to finally learn to play the sax, minus all the hassle of the real instrument. Even for people who already are seasoned saxophonists, the appeal of no broken reeds, no spit-valves, and a compact and cool aesthetic might make this instrument a useful addition. It's battery powered, and its built-in speaker allows it to produce sound on its own, as well as a headphone jack to allow for completely silent practice.



The Aerophone GO features traditional saxophone and recorder fingering, as well as 11 different in-built sounds. It even offers both USB and wireless MIDI compatability, allowing it to even be used as a MIDI controller. When connected via Bluetooth to the Aerophone GO Plus app, the app allows you to play along with your favourite tracks, tweak the instrument's settings and use the 50 additional sounds it provides, alongside access to various on-board learning aids to teach yourself.


Head on over to Roland Australia for more details. If you're feeling inspired to start a digital band, check out their newest electronic drumkit here.