Sennheiser Australia | | Expect To Pay: $865

When Sennheiser first brought out their XSW wireless system to replace the very popular Freeport system, the response from users was immediately great. The upgrade in transmission, ease of use and improvement to build quality did not go unnoticed. Now, after its release at this year’s NAMM show, Sennheiser’s new XS Wireless 2 systems are set to take users to a new level of quality, simplicity and reliability. With a range of options available for both microphone and instrument applications, it’s safe to say that the 835 set could very well be the most popular and in demand of the range.

Sennheiser are not new to the wireless game by any means. They have been producing professional wireless systems for small and large stages for decades now and know a thing or two about quality transmission. They also know how a system needs to operate to work within a rig and are well aware that the XS Wireless 2 is going to be used by individual musicians, small groups and even larger ensembles alike. So they have ensured it is easy to use and simple to integrate with other systems. It offers 12 channels of UHF transmission, so you need not worry about running out of airspace on a crowded stage too quickly. This is a great advancement on many lower priced systems and even on the older Sennheiser XSW systems that greatly limited the number of channels for operation. As a true diversity transmitter and receiver, you know that you can lock the two together in range of other systems and be sure they stay uninterrupted and clear for your performance.


The driving force behind the XS Wireless 2-835 is the microphone’s capsule, taken directly from Sennheiser’s e835 vocal microphone. This is a beautiful all-rounder for live vocal performance with a solid bottom end and a nice high frequency roll-off that leaves similar microphones wishing they had more air. The wired version of this microphone is one I have used time and time again over the years on all sorts of stages and the XS Wireless 2 does not let it down. The transmission is faultless resulting in a microphone that sounds just like the wired model, but without the restraints of a microphone lead. Sennheiser have stepped it up in sound quality and toughness of build with these systems. They are going to be very popular and will no doubt deliver great quality audio for many years to come.

Hits and Misses


Solid construction, ready for the rigours of stage use

Crystal clear audio transmission without dropouts

True diversity wireless

So easy to set up and operate


The microphone cable