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I have spoken at length about isolating your microphone when recording at home to reduce unwanted frequencies and standing waves within your room. This can be especially difficult when working in a home recording environment when the room isn’t ideal for recording to begin with. It is essential that you give your microphone the chance to properly capture the direct signal and not all the noise that bounces around the room. That is why the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro is such an important tool in the as well as in and professional recoding setup. When your room is not acoustically ideal for recording, the smart option is to just treat the area around the microphone, rather than changing the entire room.

Before I even got this Reflexion Filter Pro properly set up, I was able to give it a test at a number of positions and angles relative to my monitors and noisy laptop computer to hear how it works. The easy test with these units is to place your head within the confines of the frame where the microphone would rest and listen to what cannot be heard. Then move your head back and listen to the added high frequency interference and low end noise that occurs. You never really know how loud your room is until you take away a lot of the reflections and hear the difference. Now consider what might happen as you sing in that same room. If just my computer’s operating noise was enough to create unwanted reflections in the space, imagine what a loud voice is going to do. The problem is you often can’t hear the reflections when singing, as the voice itself overpowers them, that said, it is still affected by them. Take them away and you get a sharper, clearer recording that isn’t awash with room noise and standing waves. You’ll really only hear it when it is taken away, but then you’ll realise just how important a good quality filter can be.


The design of the Reflexion Filter Pro takes into account the entire frequency range, from the very lowest rumble right up to the highest and most subtle hiss. To achieve this it is made up of numerous layers of different materials specifically designed to quash unwanted noise across the full frequency response. Other lower priced filters might take away a lot of noise, but they can really be detrimental to your recording as they just strip away the high frequencies that can’t be added back in again. What you get with the Reflexion Filter Pro is a natural sound absorption that creates the perfect environment for a microphone to operate in. Plus, right now these systems are being bundled with a free microphone boom stand and a dual layer pop filter to complete your setup. I had these all set up with a nice condenser microphone in the mix and could instantly hear the results in my cans even before I recorded anything. It’s a great system and one that will improve the results of any home studio recording environment without needing to change the room at all.


Hits and Misses


Compact frame, perfect for the home studio

Greatly isolates your microphone from unwanted reflections

Includes stand and dual pop filter for a limited time


Just the noise but you won’t miss that