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I often come across people who are looking for a simple wireless microphone system to integrate with their DSLR so that they can achieve better quality audio while filming. It shouldn’t be that hard, but the choices are limited when you remove the option of mains power from the equation. It gets even tougher when you want to keep it compact and preferably camera mounted for ease of use. There are professional systems available for broadcast purposes, but what if you want to film YouTube videos, interview an artist or record your band rehearsal or performance? The first place you should look is at the Samson Concert 88 Camera wireless system.

This setup addresses a lot of those demands - it mounts atop of most DSLR cameras, slotting into the flash mounting and doesn’t add too much extra weight or imbalance to the camera’s operation. Two short aerials can be extended up from either side of the receiver to ensure a range of up to 300 feet is obtainable with a line of sight. The system comes with two recharchable lithium ion batteries for the receiver, along with the charge to suit, so you can always have a backup battery ready to go on long shoots. The receiver is powered by two AA batteries, which are not included, but are easy enough to get your hands on.


The biggest letdown of many digital cameras when shooting video is undoubtedly the audio quality. They often have a miniature microphone mounted in the housing that doesn’t really do much more than capture the full room sound. With the Concert 88 Camera system you can not only incorporate a larger diaphragm, but also a targeted area of audio capture. The handheld transmitter is a decent dynamic vocal microphone that offers good environmental noise rejection so it can be used for interview purposes both indoors and outdoors. With up to 16 channels available, you can be comfortable in knowing that multiple systems can be in use in one area without conflict. This makes it an ideal system for multiple cameras at gigs and festivals when they might be operating in close proximity. The whole bundle comes in a neat carry case so nothing gets lost and a host of cables ensures connectivity isn’t an issue. Overall, it’s a very affordable solution to an audio issue that many of us haven’t yet overcome.

Hits and Misses


Plenty of channels

Good sounding handheld transmitter

Mounts on the camera without upsetting the weight balance


It's a little delicate, the battery clasp is stiff to open