Electric Factory | | Expect To Pay: $299

Founded in Rhode Island in 2015, Marq Lighting are relative newcomers to the lighting game, developing an impressive array of lighting products, controllers and accessories to bring your live setting through to the next level.

The Marq Gamutpar H7 is both a club hit and a house DJ’s best mate.  It’s obviously been built to withstand vigorous movement and its simplified programming allows it to be used without a remote or DMX setup. No boards, all light and a friendly user guide to help begin programming.


The H7 is powered by 7 LEDs, which can switch between red, green, blue, amber, white and ultra-violet, together generating a broad spectrum of colours while maintaining a natural colour temperature. Each LED pushes out 10 watts, and testing it out in an enclosed space with a light meter shows you definitely get your lumens worth. It’s capable of illuminating just about any space that you’re likely to test it with evenly and effectively. It’s designed with versatility in mind. A sit-flat design + double hanging yoke means that you’ll be able to get it up and running in a variety of spaces and surfaces.


But more importantly is the depth of programming Marq has gone to simplify the menu. It features four buttons and a user-friendly guide dedicated to help you adjust the parameters of colour order, timing, opacity and a variable strobe effect without even having to plug in a DMX.  It includes over 60 colour presets with adjustable program speed from values 0-255. The light is also master/slave compatible and has a strong DMX port to connect to any existing fixtures and programming you may already have set up.


Picking it up you feel straight away that it’s well constructed with a metal enclosure that is sturdy and keeps its components protected. And for how compact the light is, you never feel like you’re compromising the strength or saturation of the colours. The connection from the light itself to the double hanging yoke feels tight and completely safe to connect up to a motorised rig.

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Easy to use in a variety of applications