Harron Custom Guitars | | Expect To Pay: $35.95

I’ll be the first person to admit that I absolutely overlook the maintenance aspect of my guitars. Sure, I’ll give them a wipe down after a rehearsal, but I never take the time to use some elbow grease and make sure they’re all polished and maintained. Michael Harron of the Melbourne based Harron Custom Guitars recently expanded his repair/service business to include his own brand of guitar care products.

His first three products are the Board Sauce, a lemon oil spray; Body Butter, a banana carnauba wax; and Speed Wipe, a multipurpose cleaner. These are all available for purchase separately, or you can grab the Deluxe Care Kit, which includes all three.


So with these in hand, I pulled out a few guitars that have been hiding away in my closet for far too long. One was a matte finished hollow body guitar with a rosewood fretboard, and the other a gloss finished bass with a maple fretboard.


Starting with the hollow body, I set to work on the fretboard with the lemon oil spray. What really surprised me immediately was that I wasn’t sitting around for long before the oil started to settle in and evaporate. This made it exceedingly easy to wipe down the fretboard without an abundance of excess oil going over the place. The oil left the rosewood well hydrated and smooth, without feeling oily or sticky.


I then set onto the cleaner and wax, taking the time to meticulously wipe down the finishes on both guitars to compare how the products shaped up on both matte and gloss. The results were exceptional. The cleaner did a great job on removing marks and fingerprints with ease. The wax, however, was the real superhero in this story. After taking the time to really give the guitars a solid polish, the subtle flame maple top of the hollow body had a whole new depth to it, and the thick gloss finish of the bass guitar shone like never before. These guitars went from looking like forgotten about Cash Converters stock, to appearing like new stock straight from the factory floor.


Three key things were my takeaway from the Care Kit, the first being that I never realised how utterly gratifying it is to take the time to clean guitars. Watching my long forgotten about guitars go from dusty and dirty relics to shining, like new pieces of kit was actually gratifying. Secondly, I can’t express how handy it is to have a kit like this around. It’s definitely the kind of thing that you won’t use on a daily basis, but certainly useful to anyone who is playing and rehearsing regularly. Lastly, each product has been crafted for its specific purpose and they all stand out in a marketplace that tends to be oversaturated with polishes.

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Well priced, great quality products


Nothing for cleaning maple fretboards