Reviewed: Faith Guitars Blood Moon Venus Cutaway Acoustic

CMC Music | | Expect to Pay: $1895

Faith Guitars has been a staple in the acoustic guitar industry for years, and the Faith Blood Moon Venus Cutaway Acoustic does nothing to tarnish this reputation. The guitar was awarded UK’s Best Acoustic Guitar in 2016 by the Music Industries Association, and I can see why. The Blood Moon Venus is lightweight and comfortable, while still being very well-built and hugely resonant. A Fishman Ink pickup completes the guitar, with an onboard tuner and EQ. Right out of the luxurious, furlined hard case, this guitar is a winner.

The first thing I noticed was that the satin finished neck differs from the glossy body and headstock, and helps the player quickly change chords as glossy necks can get grabby. The guitar was well intonated out of the box, and the tuning was very stable thanks to the Grover Rotomatic tuners. The Blood Moon is beautiful to look at, right down to the mother of pearl ‘F’ at the twelfth fret. The Fishman Ink pickup is practical, classy and out of the way.


The Blood Moon Venus is made entirely of Indonesian Trembesi, and looks and feels elegant. The rich stain and glossy finish, coupled with mother of pearl and abalone inlays, rosette and binding makes for a classy guitar. The body is resonant in the most pleasing way i.e. without being overbearing or boomy. The Macassan Fingered ebony fingerboard sounds and feels good, adding to the consistent sound produced acoustically. Chords are rich and strumming away at it is easy, while the cutaway provides good access beyond the 15th fret.


The internal Fishman Ink pickup does a great job of reproducing the sound of the guitar and would be ideal for smaller gigs, recording, or using effects pedals without sounding spanky and produced like most other acoustic guitar pickups. The controls on the Fishman Ink are easy to tweak as well, with little handles on the pots for changing settings on the fly. It also features an on-board tuner, which isn’t as accurate as I’m used to, but it gets the job done (I don’t trust any tuner that tells me I’m perfectly in tune). The backlit LED flickers to green from blue when in tune so it can be easily be read on stage. The EQ (bass, middle and treble) sounds great, producing a usable sound even when maxed out either way. The additional hard case is well made, fur-lined and lockable. It’ll keep this guitar at an even temperature when travelling and safe when knocked around.


Overall it’s a very comfortable guitar to play; however, while big chords sound full, fretted notes and more intricate playing begins to lose some definition. This may not be a dealbreaker for all, but you’d struggle to use this for a lot more than strumming and rhythm playing. In saying that, the Blood Moon Venus sounds great for rhythm. The guitar reacts really well dynamically, and sounds great whether playing big rich chords or plucking away at quiet chords and passages.

Hits and Misses


Big, consistent sound

Comfortable & lightweight

Matte neck


Notes and licks not very articulate