CMC Music | | Expect To Pay: $1195

In order to find out what’s going on behind the black tolex we must first hit the spec sheet. Weighing in around a modest 13kgs, the closed back of the enclosure hides two of Mark World’s patented neodymium speakers. I’ve reviewed these before and remember being impressed by the distinct absence of abject heft without sacrificing an ounce of power or throw. I carried it in its cardboard box from my car all the way into the house on one shoulder like a case of beer, a feat that no other 2x12 owner would dare attempt lest they stare a lifetime of chiropractic work dead in the face.

With two 12” models mounted side by side in the front, this cab affords more than enough meat for either clef and retains plenty of chiming clarity around 10kHz and above that is particularly useful for single coil pick up addicts, for example. The ports on the back offer a fair amount of flexibility, too. Optional 8 and 16ohm TRS ins couple with a super handy thru jack for those of us who want to push more air than others via a second set of speakers. Not that any more push is necessary; there is so much headroom in this low profile black box that you really have to give your amp a right nudge before any break up comes into play as far as the speakers are concerned. Whatever you can throw at them, they’ll throw right back.


Stand back a few paces and it’s a pretty sleek and stylish affair. The landscape profile of the unit is reminiscent of jazz era Fender combos and some of the more obscure Australian builds of the 50’s and 60’s. Leather capped corners, black tolex and black grille cloth set the scene for a humbly sized DV Mark logo at the centre-top of the frame and the vintage style leather handle is the bow-tie that makes the tuxedo pop.


Not only is it a good-looking unit, but also it is as lightweight as it is robust. With a huge range of frequency response and more headroom than Jordan could dunk on, it is the perfect pairing for just about any amp head that’ll sit on top of it, modeling or otherwise.

Hits and Misses


Super lightweight with heaps of throw and broad frequency response


No Speakon connection, TRS only