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I’ve run into all sorts of issues with operating turntables in all manner of environments over the years. When flying a rig from a warehouse ceiling, or having it supported from the same structure as a stage, you run into a range of various isolation issues depending on the situation. The same goes for setting up turntables at home, be it a single unit for general listening or a pair for DJ mixing in a party or practice environment. I’ve gone through all the tricks over the years and still have found myself resorting to some MacGyver-style techniques to make the best of some bad situations. It’s a shame I didn’t have a pair of Auralex Iso-Tone turntable isolation platforms 20 years ago, they would have solved a lot of issued and saved me a fortune in gaffer tape and other materials.

Essentially these things are a big wide slab of foam that supports a carpeted block of wood. While there is a little more going on with them in the selection of the materials, that does about sum them up. The results, though, is what they are all about. Let’s consider unwanted vibrations that can cause all sorts of issues with needles jumping across the records. The Iso-Tone platforms take a lot of this shock out of the surface that the turntables are seated on and stops it before it gets to the turntable’s legs, keeping the needle safely in place.


Aside from decoupling the turntable for the surface it is placed on and so reducing shock coming through, it also produces a more stable platform for the platter to revolve upon. The motion of a turntable when placed on a solid surface can create noise and unwanted disturbances through your needle as it fights against the surface it is mounted on. The gentle give that is offered by the firm foam base of the Iso-Tone platforms allows the turntable to naturally move in sync with its motor’s motion and create a more stable environment for the record to rotate above. The result is a clearer sound that gets through to your preamp with less operating noise and less stress from the needle pushing sideways into the edge of the grooves. It’s a simple design, but it works.

Hits and Misses


Better sound from your vinyl

More stable turntables with less needle skipping