Drum Partner/Music Partner | | Expect To Pay: $1699

Acoustic sound in louder settings can often be tricky. Recreating the dynamics and nuances of an instrument designed to be played acoustically at higher volumes isn’t the same as just turning up the master volume on an amp with an electric guitar, or cranking the fader on a mixing desk. Acus are very aware of this and have established their business on the premise of focusing purely on acoustic sound reproduction. Acus state their mission as sound design that ‘amplifies acoustic sound with clarity, purity and natural tone’ – sounds like a mighty fine idea to me. Acus’ One For Strings range of amps are designed exactly for that – to amplify acoustic instruments with the 6T sitting somewhere in the middle of their product range.

The 6T is an 130 watt amplifier with a 6” woofer and high frequency tweeter. It has two mic/line inputs and one dedicated line input, all with their own EQ, gain, volume and effect level controls. Further features include a direct output if you need to send your signal to a PA or recording device. Coming in a combo amp styled cabinet, the controls are top mounted making for easy adjustment mid song and the plywood construction with rounded edges and dark control panel make for a classy looking unit.


As an acoustic amp the 6T does a great job of reproducing the sound of your instrument. Clear with plenty of volume on hand, it’s ideal for additional sound reinforcement for steel and nylon string guitars, although I’d imagine other stringed instruments would work equally well. The EQ is responsive and gradual and the onboard reverb is nice and airy at lower settings adding some slight extra body and size to your tone. This can also be handy for outdoor gigs, which are often super dry guitar wise, when you need to add some colour and sustain to your tone.


Three channels plus the stereo RCA in/out and 130 watts make the 6T a great standalone amplification solution for small gigs, especially those with limited room. With its high quality build and sound I would imagine a lot of players using it strictly as an amp rather than a PA that they can tweak and set as they please and then send to the front of house. The ability to run mic and line level is a solid inclusion and of course even at smaller functions this can then be sent to a bigger system if needed.

Hits and Misses


Does a top job amplifying your acoustic tone

Well laid out

Sturdy and portable