Reverend Guitars Announces Limited Edition SuperRev Model

Modelled On The Muscle Cars of Yesteryear

Reverend Guitars have unveiled a limited edition run of SuperRev guitars, featuring vintage-inspired graphics and sophisticated electronics to satisfy any tone fiend.

Modelled upon the revered aesthetic of classic '60s and '70s muscle cars, the Reverend SuperRev encourages fat, loud tones, boasting a single Railhammer Alcino Grande pickup and a speedy ebony fretboard to dial in the brunt of this beast. In addition, the Reverend SuperRev includes a unqiue bass contour control to further shape your tone, as well as a Boneite nut, locking tuners and a dual-action truss-rod for maximum tuning stability and player performance.


Embossed with a special graphic of a racing stripe on the front and a checkerboard flag on the back of the guitar, the SuperRev comes in three unique automobile-inspired finishes - '69 Lime, '69 Orange, and '69 Yellow, each with a matching headstock for aesthetic elegance. With produciton of the SuperRev limited between August 2017 to July 2018, don't expect these bad boys to last too long.



Reverend Guitars are available in Australia from Better Music and Rock Inn