A recent academic study proves 1980s metalheads became well-adjusted adults

Was There Ever Any Doubt?

In what’s sure to be unsurprising news for long-time heavy metal fans, a recently unearthed study has found that kids who grew up listening to metal in the ‘80s went on to become happy, well-adjusted adults.

As reported by Open Culture, the study, conducted in 2015 by researchers from a host of American universities, sought to document the lives of metalheads in a journal aptly titled Three Decades Later: The Life Experiences and MidLife Functioning of 1980s Heavy Metal Groupies, Musicians, and Fans.


Research compared 377 participants with an average age of 44 years to college students, dividing the study into five groups: heavy metal groupies, professional heavy metal musicians, metal fans, non-metal middle-aged comparisons, and college student comparisons.



Notable conclusions drawn from the study saw all surveyed metal groups as less likely to have regrets about their youthful experiences in comparison to others, being significantly happier in their youth compared to non-metal groups, and all metal groups reporting using alcohol more regularly in their youth compared to other groups.


Next time someone questions your love of metal, whip out this study and reel off some stats – you’ve just found yourself an academic journal to back up your music tastes.


Read the full study online here.


Image via Heavy Metal Parking Lot.