A Radiohead rarity has been released in full 12 years after its debut

The Track Has Become The Stuff Of Radiohead Legend

Cast your mind back to 2006. Radiohead's seminal 'pay-as-you-feel' album In Rainbows was a year away from its official release. Meanwhile, the band were trialling material that would eventually make it on to the record during select live dates.

While the band were performing at California's Greek Theatre on June 24, they played a song that has come to be known as 'Come To Your Senses' during soundcheck. While the track was never released on In Rainbows, a minute of it was bootlegged and circulated through the hands of diehard Radiohead fans for years.


Now, the entire track has been made available to mark the 12th anniversary of the performance. 


Listening to the track in full, it doesn't really gel with the layered sonics of what would become In Rainbows. In fact, 'Come To Your Senses' finds the band taking on a blues-inspired sound, complete with the lilting twang of a banjo. It's fascinating to hear the band figure out the track while performing live, and provides a rare look into their creative process -- complete with Thom Yorke calling out the chords to the rest of the band. 


Overall, it's an absolute anomaly in the Radiohead canon and sounds completely separate to almost everything else they've ever released. Perhaps that's what makes it such an enticing listen. 


Check out Radiohead's 'Come To Your Senses' in full below: 



Via Beat Magazine.