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1 Jun


Amber Technology | 1800 251 367 | | RRP: $419 (EXTC REAMP), $419 (PHAZEQ TOOL), $829 (Q4 EQ)

Having had access to a Radial 500 Series Cube for the past month or so, it has been extremely handy to be able to throw together a compact recording signal path that can go anywhere. For those of you that don’t know the Cube, it’s a great idea that allows for up to three 500 Series modules to be installed and supplies power and output routing for them. It is capable of being mounted within a desktop for a fixed channel strip in a studio, or will happily travel with you so you can have access to your favourite modules anywhere in the studio or on the road. Having been spoiled with an SSL G-Series Bus compressor last month, I got some pretty cool toys to try out this time around too. Installing the modules is fairly simple. They extend a small PCI style card from the rear which is seated into the caddy firmly, and then four screws hold the module in place. The Cube supplies two inputs and two outputs per module on the rear panel. XLR connections are used for the main pair with TRS connections on the second allowing for multiple outputs on certain modules, or various patching configurations. Most importantly, internal routing can be engaged so your signal flows from one module to the next seamlessly should you wish to use them in a serial fashion. A microphone preamp, compressor and EQ can be combined to make a customizable channel strip. There are all sorts of tools designed for specialty audio needs that Radial produce for the 500 series. Let’s take a look at a few.

1 Jun