PreSonus Revamp Its Studio Monitor Series With New Eris XT

Woofer Proof

PreSonus have unveiled its latest generation of studio monitors with two new Eris XT models.

As heir to the incumbent original Eris E series, the monitors are available in either a 5.25-inch woofer E5 model or an 8-inch woofer E8 model.


Updated specs include an entirely new elliptical wave-guide design and larger enclosures which bring a 100 degrees-wide horizontal and 60 degrees vertical sweet spot to improve audio reproduction.



All monitors offer Low-cut, Mid and High frequency adjustment via some acoustic tuning controls, and 3-way space tuning compensates for any non-optimal placement. For more information, head to the Eris Studio Monitors website.


PreSonus products are distributed in Australia through Link Audio.