PreSonus Release the Quantum 4848 Thunderbolt 2 Interface

With 48 ins/48 outs and Samples Rates of up to 192kHz

PreSonus have now released their new Quantum 4848 interface, designed to provide answers for recording professionals working in both the analogue and digital realms.

It features 32 ins and outs and 16 channels of ADAT optical I/O, resulting in a total of 48 audio channels that can record at 24-bit and 192kHz. This means that you can route audio directly from both your analogue and digital equipment directly into your DAW and maintain studio quality signals.


Designed for near zero latency and with a rack/stackable design, you can chain up to four of these together for a huge 192 channels of inputs and outputs. With 120dB of dynamic range and software integration with PreSonus' Studio One Professional DAW via their Pipline XT technology, the Quantum 4848 is designed to improve your workflow exponentially. 


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PreSonus is distributed in Australia through Link Audio.