Burden You

After revealing that their anticipated new album White Hot Moon will be released later this year, Pity Sex has premiered their brand new track, ‘Burden You’.

Using the framework of their celebrated debut, Feast Of Love, White Hot Moon has created something bigger, stronger and altogether more monumental. Produced by Will Yip, the twelve original tracks showcase some of the most collaborative song writing in the band’s career. In the ultimate write-off, Drake and St. Charles complement each other’s styles, encouraging compositional and lyrical complexity.


On one hand, St. Charles likes “the idea that you can take mundane life, and it becomes different in a slightly ‘off’ world – like, you spend winter sitting in your room everyday, and the details around you become boring. But in those instances, the smaller peculiarities stand out. The little details become more meaningful”. Whereas, Drake says “I'm not interested in hearing about someone's mundane day-to-day life. Love and relationships—not just romantic relationships, but in general—are things everyone can relate to, and I tend to gravitate towards universal experiences. People are the main inspiration for me.”



‘White Hot Moon’ is out April 29. For more information, head here.