Further Innovations In Modular Synthesis

Pittsburgh Modular have introduced six new core modules to their Lifeforms Eurorack synthesiser systems. These are comprised of a dual oscillator; a multi-function four channel mixer; a versatile modular modulation tool; a smooth and natural sounding filter; an envelope generator with operational flexibility; and a six channel mixer boasting multiple routing options and quality preamps.

Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator


The Double Helix Oscillator functions as the nucleus of the synthesiser. Voltage controlled shape contouring and a set of analogue oscillators work together with voltage controlled modulation to form a dynamic analogue waveform generator in a field of its own.


Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer


This four channel mixer operates with low noise and controls both audio and CV signals, with the signal path operating in five different sections. These are a four channel mixer; a pair of two channel mixers; four independent attenuators; two attenuators; and a two channel mixer, one attenuator, and a three channel mixer.


Lifeforms ADSR


The Lifeforms ADSR is a four stage envelope generator which aims to be a more expressive instrument. With the ability to independently adjust attack, delay, sustain, and release, the ADSR is versatile and can be used on any module function that accepts control voltages.


Lifeforms Binary Filter


Based on the filter of the Lifeforms SV-1, the Binary Filter is an analogue, state variable, voltage controlled filter with a smooth and natural sound and several unique modes of operation.


Lifeforms Mod Tools


This diverse system of modulation is divided into four sections: multi-function, analogue logic, noise, sample & hold, and modulation. The Mod Tools has a range of available functions including envelope, mixer, slew, and oscillator.


Lifeforms System Interface


Suited to both studio and live performance, the System Interface is an audio hub with deep signal routing options and high quality preamps, all squeezed into 24hp. 



Pittsburgh Modular are distributed by Innovative Music.