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The Pearl Eliminator Demon drive pedal changed the game when it came out a few years ago. With its direct drive system and a swag of useful adjustability features, it was a favourite amongst many a drummer. Pearl have now released a slightly different version of the demon drive. The real key difference is that it’s twin chain drive instead of direct drive. The goal was to be able to offer a pedal that had all the awesome feature of the direct drive (of which we shall discuss here) but with the power and feel of a chain drive for those drummers that prefer that little bit of give on the pedal board.


First impressions are of a super well constructed piece of gear as you’d expect from a company like Pearl. We’ve all used their hardware at some stage of our playing. The pedal is actually very lightweight, feels strong and has absolutely no slack or wobbles in any part. This is a good thing.


The NiNjA bearings used on the Pearl are actually also used on skateboards. They’re friction free and really smooth. When the first Eliminator demon drive came out, it was the first pedal in the world to feature these bearings. Pearl has also fitted its Perfect Circle cam that provides a super even stroke to the head and back. The bass drum hoop clamp is very well designed and even features a rubber lining which avoids hurting your bass drum hoop and provides grip to avoid disconnection during hard playing. There’s also a multi function drum key attached that also features two different Allen keys.


The new Demon drive has some other pretty incredible features. You can adjust the pedal to your liking. The most amazing thing is that you can actually shift the base of the beater on the cam to get closer to the head for more finesse; further away for more power. The spring tension can be locked and in a first, the Duo-Deck function converts the pedal from a short board to a long board in a few moments! The pedal feels good. It’s really, really smooth and the pedal board just seems to stick to your foot. The brushed metal gives great grip too. I was able to play around with the multiple setting to get a feel I liked. It would be cool to spend more time with it. Really, the factory settings were good. I just mucked around with spring tension and that beater control. I found the spring tension at middle tension too tight for me but for those who love some resistance, you’ll be right at home. The Demon drive is a great pedal. Funky design meets lightweight usability and control. Loved it.