"Her Most Adventurous Musical Statement Yet"

Peaches is set to release of her first album of new material in six years.

Rub has been described as "her most adventurous musical statement yet," which is a rather bold statement considering the extent to which her previous efforts have strayed from the conventions of popular music.


The album continues on the sexually progressive/aggressive path that Peaches embarked on with her 2000 debut Teaches of Peaches, a release that’s famed for being as brilliant as it is provocative.


Like some of her previous releases, Rub also features notable guest appearances from some of modern music’s most important f̶e̶m̶a̶l̶e̶ voices in Kim Gordon and Feist.



Rub will be released in Australia on September 25 via Kartel Music / Rocket Distribution.

Photo by Daria Marchik