Paul Westerberg Shares Mysterious New Song via Anonymous SoundCloud Account

Listen to the Weirdly Titled '2HAWK_1' Now

Paul Westerberg, frontman of the seminal 80’s alternative group The Replacements, has shared a new song through a mysterious SoundCloud account overnight.

Described by The Current as a ‘grungy slice of psychadelia,’ the lo-fi '2HAWK_1' was uploaded three days ago by the anonymous account ‘User 964848511,’ highlighting Westerberg’s classic sordid vocals (including lyrics about a 'bad ungrateful bunny') and wild guitar work characterstic of The Replacements frontman. 


'2HAWK_1' is Westerberg’s first slice of new material since the release of Wild Stab, a collaborative effort with The Lemonhead's Juliana Hatifeld under the name The I Don’t Cares in January 2016, after wrapping up a reunion tour with The Replacements in 2015.


While speculation surrounding The Replacements has resurfaced with the bands recent return to social media, '2HAWK_1' doesn’t hint at any future releases for the reclusive Westerberg - make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any new updates, and check out the new track below.