Over 70 Aussie act announced for live-streamed Isol-Aid festival

A Lifeline For Live Music

After the catastrophic events of the past week, a whole bunch of Australian artists have banded together to put on a live-streamed festival of mammoth proportions this weekend.

Isol-Aid, which refers to itself as a 'socially (media) distanced music festival', will feature 74 Australian artists, each performing a 20 minute live set on Instagram from the premise of their own studio, bedroom or backyard. Punters will be able to tag-team between each set as it concludes, and are encouraged to buy artist's merch or donate to Support Act in lieu of buying a ticket. 


The festival is set to kick on over the space of two days, and will feature the likes of Harvey Sutherland, Stella Donnelly, Julia Jacklin, CLEWS, Spacey Jane, Didirri, Angie McMahon, Alice Skye and many, many more. Check out everyone who's involved with the initiative here



If you've got any cheddar to spare, consider donating to Support Act to help out Australian musicians in need.