Ola Englund launches Solar Guitars

The Swedish Shredder Ventures Further Into The Industry

Best known for his work with The Haunted and Feared, Ola Englund has announced the creation of Solar Guitars, his brand new company focusing on the creation of shred-ready instruments.

Englund's Solar Guitars has released details of its first four instruments - titled Type A, Type S, Type E and Type V - featuring top-notch hardware and electronics to make a statement in a metal guitar flooded market.


All of the guitars announced so far are set to include Evertune bridges and Floyd Rose tremolo systems, Grover 18:1 tuners, Englund's signature Duncan Solar pickups and 34mm brass block tremolos. The guitars will also feature super jumbo frets, full access set-neck joints, and tremolo spring silencers, making them silently shreddable in the best way possible. 



In addition, Englund has announced that Solar Guitars is inviting guitarists to send their feedback and input on the quality, features, and playability of the guitars to further improve on their designs.


For more information on Solar Guitars, check out their website.