No sharks turned up to KISS' benefit show for sharks in Port Lincoln

Is This Spinal Tap?

Even though they cancelled their entire tour last week after Paul Stanley came down sick with influenza, the remaining healthy members of KISS still made the trek over to Australia to play their planned benefit show for Great White Sharks in South Australia. However, it would seem that everything did not go to plan.

As reported by the ABC's Eyre Peninsula bureau​, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer performed off the coast of Port Lincoln without Stanley to a grand total of... zero sharks. Despite previous statements claiming that Great White Sharks would be drawn to the low frequencies of the band performing, only eight fans joined the band on the boat to view the special show, with a few other fans getting autographs and sneaking glimpses of the band from surrounding boats. 



You can watch footage of the performance below. It's incredibly cringe-worthy, and honestly feels like a cut scene from Spinal Tap, but hey, at least it was for a good cause. Hopefully the band play to a few more punters when they reschedule their End Of The Road tour dates soon....


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(Image credit: Adventure Bay Charters)