A new export program for Australian musicians is launching next week

Introducing Crossover Music

It’s not always easy to expand your audience outside of the geographical confines of Australia as a musician, but thankfully there’s a new export program on the way that’s here to help.

Crossover Music, co-founded by James Adair, Tyler Treves and Joe Hay, will use an established network of industry contacts to help generate awareness of Aussie musicians in international markets.


The company has already established offices in Los Angeles, New York and Australia and is set for a triumphant launch at BIGSOUND in Brisbane next week.


“The program has been developed and run from three different perspectives of the music industry,” Adair explained to The Industry Observer. “Tyler [Treves] is a US-based radio promoter who has worked with a lot of great Australian acts.


"Joe [Hay] is an economic development and creative industries policy reform advocate responsible for transforming the way the South Australian government supports the music and late-night industries. And I have been managing bands, booking venues, promoting shows for about 10 years.”


The Crossover Music team will be shouting drinks on Friday September 7 from 3pm at BIGSOUND in Brisbane. Keen to set up a meeting? Drop a line to info@crossovermusic.com.


Image via YEWTH / Dave Court.