NAMM 2020: Yamaha's YC61 drawbar organ aims to break new ground

Are They Challenging Nord?

Don't let the appearance fool you: Yamaha's new YC61, revealed to NAMM in California today, is so much more than just a stage organ.

The YC61 utilises nine authentic drawbars to allow for that classic organ sound and feel, which pairs beautifully with Yamaha's new Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) sound engine, designed to emulate the behaviour of transistors and resistors found in organs. This gives you total hands-on control over the nature of the C61's tonewheel and drawbar organ components, but this is just where the Yamaha YC61 starts. It's also got a deluxe 61 waterfall keybed, while the drawbars are optimised for haptic feedback - kind of like a Nintendo 64 controller. 



With two inbuilt concert grand pianos (the CFX and S700), as well as analogue and FM electric pianos and synths, it looks like Yamaha are aiming for the big leagues with the YC61. There's a range of inbuilt effects, including rotary speaker emulation, and the drawbars are constructed with a translucent material to allow users to view the indicative LEDs underneath.


The Yamaha YC61 should be shipping by June - head to Yamaha Music Australia for all the details.