NAMM 2020: Walrus Audio introduce the Mako D:1 Delay, update the Julia Chorus/Vibrato

For The Purest Of Pedal Heads

Sensational effects builders Walrus Audio have utilised NAMM to launch their new Mako pedal range, introducing the D:1 multi-delay as well as announcing a new and improved Julia chorus/vibrato.

With modes for Digital, Vintage, Modualted, Reverse and Dual delay types, the Mako D:1 lets users tweak to the heart's content with knobs for modulation, tone, age and subdivision, while an attack knob even lets you control how fierce the echo attacks. There's full MIDI support for 128 presets as well as nine onboard preset slots, as well as a tap-tempo knob and stereo inputs and outputs. It also sounds super crisp; have a gander below. 



If wobbly and weird is more your cup of tea, Walrus Audio have also announced a second generation of their famous Julia chorus/vibrato. Thankfully, there's nothing new as far as circuitry and tones - which is a great thing, because the Julia is literally a perfect pedal. It does, however, feature an updated aesthetic, as well as top mounted inputs and outputs and a clickless footswitch, just to make it a little bit more easy to squeeze onto your pedalboard. 



Find out more about both pedals over at Walrus Audio's website.