NAMM 2020: PRS detail new John Mayer Silver Sky models

Here's What's New In 2020

John Mayer and PRS have heralded the second generation of Silver Sky guitars in Anaheim, introducing new finishes and adding a maple fretboard for select models.

Although these new models retain the same appointments as their controversial (yet low-key incredible) predecessors, the addition of a maple fretboard will make a lot of people happy - there's just something about a maple fretboard on a Strat-type guitar. There's also a bunch of awesome new finishes, including Dodgem Blue, Midnight Rose, Golden Mesa, Moc Sand, Orion Green and Polar Blue. Mayer's known for being a bit of a Pantone nerd, so it's really no surprise that all these new colours look great. 


PRS have also launched the tantalising, 500-piece limited edition Silver Sky Nebula, which features an polychromatic iridescent finish which is designed to reflect light and hue differently at different angles (like we said, Mayer's a colour nerd). Check it out below.



In a statement released today, Mayer celebrated the new appointments, saying “I’m so excited for this next step in the evolution of the Silver Sky. With new body colors, a maple neck variant and a special limited-edition colorway, the spirit of this guitar feels stronger than ever."


PRS Guitars are distributed in Australia via Electric Factory.