The Music Gym launches to provide easy musical stress relief

New Music Hub Opens At Galleria

Never worry about skipping leg day again - or legato day, in this instance - as a new gym has opened up in Melbourne's CBD to allow adults to engage in group music classes in between the hustle of their day-to-day work schedule.

Opening its doors for the first time on Thursday June 14 - just in time for Make Music Day Australia - this new venture by seasoned music educator of 21 years Catherine Prifti, is aimed at giving people an alternate method of stress release in their busy lives. Working across Australia and Europe over the last couple of decades has helped this pianist/conductor/teacher to realise that while many adults have a strong interest in performing or learning music, the prohibitive cost of private lessons and instruments stops many of them from making their passion a reality.


Her solution: Open a conveniently located music gym with state-of-the-art instruments supplied and offer classes aspiring musicians can fit in before or after work, or even on a lunch break. The Music Gym will offer guitar, voice and piano lessons, at affordable prices in casual-session, 10-pack, three-month, six-month and 12-month subscription rates. Whether participants simply want to be able to perform at a one-off special occasion, or have a creative outlet for enjoyment or to improve mental health, this clever initiative will make it effortless for people to excercise and begin their musical skills.


For more information on The Music Gym, head to their website here.


Image via Nicole Cleary.