Moog's classic Model D software synthesiser is now available as an iOS app

Another Comeback For The Iconic Minimoog

Synthesiser OG's Moog have announced the release of the Minimoog Model D app, an iOS exclusive recreation of their world famous mono-synth.

Faithfully recreating the analogue brilliance of the original synthesiser for touchscreen platforms, the Minimoog Model D App also offers a host of new iOS exclusive features, including a four-voice chord function and a simple arpeggiator module to create rhythmic patterns on the fly. There's also a real time recorder with unlimited overdubs for some looping fun, a tempo-synchronised ping-pong delay module and a wide-range time modulation effect called the Bender. 



Although the layout of the original Minimoog Model D is easy enough to master, Moog have created 60 custom presets inspired by the sounds of keynote users such as J Dilla, Parliament-Funkadelic, Kraftwerk and Devo, with more being made available as in-app purchases. The announcement of the app may come as a blessing to those of us unlucky enough to miss out on Moog's recent Model D hardware reissue, which was prematurely ended by the company after widespread demand caused an immense parts shortage.


Find the Minimoog Model D App on the iOS App Store