Money Can Buy You Happiness, The Latest Pedal From Dwarfcraft

Make Your Guitar Sound Like A Synth

Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness? I think it was the Beatles or some other flower wielding hippy from the summer of love. It’s 2016 now and the times are a changing, Dwarfcraft devices are taking it upon themselves to prove that those before them were plain wrong.

Their new pedal Happiness is designed to create synth-like sounds for you guitar. Offering low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filtering and each of these filters can be modulated by an internal based LFO or external CV.


The pedal also has a scramble feature that offers sample-and-hold effects. Expression jacks for filter cutoff and LFO speed are also included while the pedal can also convert 9V pedal power to 12V so that it can be intergrated with Eurorack modular synths and other CV-ready devices.



Dwarfcraft products are available in Australia via Deluxe Guitars and Fretted Instruments.