Mesa Boogie unveils the Triple Crown TC-100

Featuring Up To 100-Watts Of Shapeable Power

The new TC-100 from Mesa Boogie offers incredible punch and aggressive performance, but is also easily tamed for home use with a flick of a switch.

Mesa Boogie's latest monstrosity is a sleek, polished beast. The TC-100 is the bigger brother of the award winning TC-50, and offers 50 more watts of headroom with added saturation and clarity. 


The TC-100 is an all-tube amplified powered by four EL-34 power tubes, six 12-AX7 and a single 12-AT7 preamp tube. The Bias Select Switch from the TC-50 makes a return to the TC-100, allowing you to swap power tubes to the fatter, rounder sounds of 6L6's, or the warmer, lower powered 6V6 power tubes. 


The amp also features Mesa Boogie's Multi-Soak technology, offering five different power options - from the full bore of 100 watts to a mere 3 watts of power - perfect for home practice. With so many options available, the TC-100 can truly be customised for the modern player's needs. 


The Triple Crown TC-100 features three channels - clean, low gain, and high gain, each complete with their own set of gain, EQ, presence, reverb and master volume controls. All three channels also include two different voicing options; the clean channel includes two voicings - normal and drive, while the other two gain channels have a choice between normal and tight. 


The amp is currently available in two formats - head or rackmount. 


Mesa Boogie are distributed in Australia by Pro Audio Supplies.