Mesa Boogie announce new CabClone IR and IR+ cabinet simulators

Putting 16 Guitar Cabinets At The Tips Of Your Fingers

As the gear world continues to shift away from bulky combo amp and head/cab combinations, high-gain boutique lords Mesa Boogie have released two versatile cabinet simulator pedals to join in on all the fun.

With 16 simulations of well-known Mesa Boogie cabinets on offer, as well as a variety of microphone combinations and an inbuilt Reactive Load feature, these new pedals are aimed towards tube amp players looking to eschew the cabinet and go in direct for a portable gigging solution. The IR+ model also includes a power attenuation function, which could be an incredibly useful feature in the studio. 



Check out the list of guitar cabinets modeled inside the Mesa Boogie CabClone IR and IR+ pedals below. The pedals split up the 16 simulated tones between two bands, each with eight presets, which should be enough to unlock a huge amount of tonal possibilities. 


• 4x12 Recto Standard
• 4x12 Recto Traditional
• 2x12 Recto Horizontal
• 1x12 Recto
• 1x12 Thiele
• 2x12 Lone Star
• 1x12 Lone Star 23 


Head to Mesa Boogie's website to find out more.