Meris unleashes the Hedra pitch-shifter

There's A Lot To Unpack Here

Boutique pedal connoisseurs Meris have wowed the gear world with the release of the Hedra, a feature-packed pitch shifting unit with an untapped knack for gnarly modulated sounds.

Inspired by rack unit effects of the '90s, the Hedra is a three-voice rhythmic pitch-shifter with individual controls to alter the pitch and time offset of each voice. With four delay configurations with individual feedback routing, microtuning capabilities, chromatic and key-driven harmony functions with selectable scale types and an intuitive auto-tune like selectable pitch correction feature, the Hedra promises to be the ultimate oddball on any pedalboard.


The Hedra also boasts a digitally controlled analogue mixing control, as well as external tap tempo, MIDI in/out over TRS, MIDI beat clock synchronisation and stereo in/outs to offer one incredibly powerful pedal - perfect for guitars and synths alike.


Listen to how it sounds below - in glorious stereo, nonetheless. 




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