Megan Washington returns with the excellent new single 'Dark Parts'

The Aussie Indie Icon Is Back!

It's been a hot minute, but Australia's Megan Washington has returned to the spotlight in spectacular fashion with her new single 'Dark Parts' under the new moniker WASHINGTON.

Possibly the only pop song of 2020 to be released in a 7/8 time signature, 'Dark Parts' is a triumph for WASHINGTON, fusing slick production with a creeping groove and ominous tone - it's essentially like In Rainbows, but more poppy. Washington's vocal performance is a major highlight of the track, as is her self-made lyric video, which she drew up on a whim in isolation. Imagine being that talented. 



'Dark Parts' acts as the lead single from WASHINGTON's new album, which is slated to arrive on Friday August 28. via Universal Music Australia. It features production via Konstantin Kersting and Sam Dixon, and if this is what to expect from the upcoming full-length, we can't wait. 


Listen to WASHINGTON's new single 'Dark Parts', and keep your ears peeled for her new album on Friday August 28.