Meet Midihub, a customisable new interface which looks to solve your studio woes

It Might Just Be A Game Changer

Lithuanian company Blokas is gearing up to release the Midihub, an incredibly intuitive interface and processor for electronic instruments which might just be one of the most useful product releases to come this year.

At a surface level, the Midihub (as its name would imply) acts as a MIDI interface with four inputs and outputs - and it'll function like that if you want it to. However, what makes the Midihub truly special is the dedicated software editor that accompanies it, which offers a whole plethora of customisable options. 



Through using the software to edit the flow of the 'pipes' of the Midihub, users can make the unit function as a router, splitter and as a MIDI Thru, as well as engaging functions such as arpeggiators, randomizers and note repeate. You're even able to deep dive and make the unit process performance based commands such as filtering notes, sustaining them, and merging or combining single notes to function as chords - and that's only the start. Check out the video below to get a broader overview of exactly what this thing offers. 



Weirdly enough, Lithuanian companies aren't allowed to access traditional crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, which means Blokas have had to think of an alternative solution to get the Midihub out into the world. Their website is accepting preorders for the unit and are now offering 'early bird' prices for keen punters, with an expected delivery of early next year. For what it offers, I reckon it's definitely worth the investment.


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