Maxon announce Scott Henderson signature SD-9 distortion

Is It 'The Best Distortion Pedal Ever'?

Coveted jazz-fusion guitarist Scott Henderson has linked up with Maxon to design the new SD-9SH, a tweaked version of their classic Sonic Distortion stompbox.

The pedal also features the contributions of Susumu Tamura, the brains behind the classic Tube Screamer pedal. This means you're in safe hands - anything this man touches tends to turn out golden.


Aesthetically, the SD-9SH doesn't look too dissimilar to what you'd expect from a SD-9 - there's controls for distortion, level and tone, just like any other distortion box. However, this one packs quite a punch up in its guts; there's circuit tweaks to reduce the treble response for a less bitey tone, while the centre frequency of the shelving filter has also been shifted to emphasise the low midrange. This results in a much warmer distortion, ebbing from the high end to create a distortion which isn't too much of a squealer. 


Head to Australis Music to get more details on Maxon products in Australia.