Maton 70th Anniversary 808

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More from the range of Maton 70th Anniversary guitars, and this time another favourite shape from their line that’s been given a little special treatment to help celebrate the big seven zero. Whilst the dreadnaught has long been a staple for acoustic builders all over the world, there is also a huge demand for smaller bodied instruments that can still handle gigging, recording and everything in between. Maton’s 808 shape is one of their answers and has always been a hit amongst the guitar playing population, so it’s good to see it too getting the 70th razzle dazzle.


Like its bigger bodied partner in crime, the 808 features a spruce gloss top with Victorian blackwood neck, back and sides in an understated satin finish. This combination is a first for Maton and they’re pretty happy with the combination. Natural Maton guitar tones that let the woods and design shine coupled with the ‘sophisticated’ top end normally found on gloss guitars like their Messiah. Visually it works well, and sound-wise it’s a great balance of woodiness and some extra sheen. I also love the shape and feel of the 808 guitars with their smaller body size, tight rounded edges, and almost squared off bottom. It really lets you get in close on the instrument and you can feel and work with the response of the instrument. Topped off with an orangey tinged tortoise shell guard and gold Grover machine heads, it’s a tasty take on the ever popular 808.



I’m always amazed at the volume and projection the 808 has. The reduced body size adds some mid and low punch that really stays tight, and the whole guitar sounds balanced and clear. Finger pickers will appreciate the added nuances you can muster and the guitar responds nicely to a light touch. Pull out the plectrum and spark things up a touch and you get some zingy, woody goodness that suits open chords, lines up the neck and sharp atpicking. The 808’s neck lets you whip around easily, and that body shape just feels good standing or sitting making it the kind of guitar that’ll let you belt out three sets without needing to see a chiropractor.


I’ve got a mate that’s recently gone from dreadnaughts (a long time user) to an 808 and he’s wrapt with the sound and feel and live the AP5 Pro sounds great. For picking, strumming, fingerstyle or anything else you can pull out I’d give the 808 a go. Then factor in the 70th anniversary features for something a little extra special from this particular version and you’ve got a quality Aussie-made guitar. 


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Hits and Misses


Distinct limited edition guitar

Great 808 body feel and sound

Comfortable for smaller hands