Celebrate Sold Out Headline Tour

Poison City punk rockers Luca Brasi burn up the stage when they play live, their rhythm section hitting like a bulldozer, their guitars chugging and grating at will. This year they have a new full-length on the way, and with the release of second single, ‘The Cascade Blues’, are making it clear they’ve got songwriting range in spades.


The track comes off the back of first single 'Aeroplane', and holds personal significance for Luca Brasi frontman Tyler Richardson: “The Cascade Blues is meant to be a reminder that life is there to be lived. It's easy to fall in to a negative mindset when things aren’t going right; sometimes I need to tell myself to snap out of it.


“Life's pretty bloody short and reminding myself of how lucky we are to live it so easily, and to be young while we're young, is the message in this song.”


With a sold out headline tour now behind them, Luca Brasi are looking to have a massive second half of 2016 fuelled by a wealth of new, sonically frenzied material.





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