Just Keep On Running

Australian punk rock legends, The Living End have just dropped their latest clip featuring ‘Keep On Running’ and some rather interesting imagery. The single will be featured alongside the band’s other new material in their seventh studio album, 'Shift', set for release tomorrow.

Opening up with a collection of hanging medals, the video surrounds the story of what seems to be a once Olympic runner whose situated in a roof top tipi, covered in his most prized possessions.


Waking up to remove a heart from a glass jar, the man places electric jumper leads to the organ and sets off on an uplifting jog on the spot. With countless medals around his neck, the runner is stirred by a rock anthem to remember. Taking a bus ride down to his local field, he prepares to join the much younger athletes for a morning sprint.


Stripping off into his running gear, the protagonist takes to the track, beating his opponent to the finish line. As if the inspiring ballad isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, the unstoppable attitude of a man unwilling to give in is sure to raise your spirits.


Another impressive release from The Living End, the single is an exciting preview of what’s to come with their latest record. 


‘Shift’ is available May 13 and is available for pre-order now. For more information, click here.