Line 6 re-release Echo Farm as native 64 bit plugin

The Acclaimed Plugin Is Now Available

Originally released in 2001, Line 6's Echo Farm Plugin caused quite a stir with early Pro Tools enthusiasts for its intuitive and seemingly non-digital emulation of revered echo units from yesteryear. Now, Line 6 is back with the Echo Farm 3.0, and it's better than ever.

Offering users the potential to garner sounds from the likes of vintage devices such as the Roland RE-101 Space Echo, EHX Memory Man, Maestro Echoplex and more, Line 6's Echo Farm 3.0 plugin is now available in 64 Bit AU, VST and native AAX formats - which basically means it's compatible with almost every DAW out there.


Acclaimed for authentically recreating the tonal characteristics of those hard-to-find / difficult-to-afford hardware units you've always dreamed of owning, the Echo Farm allows users to tweak a whole host of parameters including flutter, swept-filter modulation speed and bit resolution. In addition, echo/delay tempo can be mapped directly to your project, and you can set up Amp Farm to follow any tempo variations or set the delay time manually.


For more details and to buy the Line 6 Echo Farm 3.0, click here